How to Be Bi

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How to Be Bi

What is Bi

Bi is the short form of bisexuality. To be a bi means that you could do an intimate relationship with both the opposite or the same gender. For those who just heard of this term, it might sound weird, but in fact, there are quite a lot of people who are into this tendency. Although there are people who have bisexuality, there are also people who are slowly becoming interested in this topic. Those who have curiosity about this topic are bi curious people. Talking about this unusual topic in public may not be pleasant for other people. Therefore, there are other means to get information in discretion.

The Place for Bi's

There is always a place for people with different preferences, a virtual place could provide much more information and security. Bi curious chat is one way to exchange information between people with bi curiosity. In this virtual bi curious chat room, users of similar interest could befriend each other and share their experience. If you already have a membership in certain forums, you could join multiple bi curious chat rooms. It is just like any other forums that each chat room could have different main topics. You can browse through the titles and tags and join whichever you think suits your interests. While discussing with other members, you might find certain members to be quite fancy. You might start to like each other and start something from the bi curious chats.

Taking it Further

From something to discuss to something to work out. The conversation you started in bi curious chats might develop into bi curious dating. In this case, you need to take things more seriously. Bi curious chat sites might enclose very limited information about their members. Then you will also need to enter bi curious dating sites. More than just chatting, in this dating site, you can see their profiles and photos more truthfully. To be a member of those bi dating sites, every certified member needs to put their real profile picture. You could only gain access to the premium members by becoming one of them. The bi curious dating site is very useful to get a bigger picture of people who have a similar tendency. Make sure to respond only to verified members to avoid false profile and unpleasant experience. In most of the cases, renowned members from the bi curious chat rooms would also have a bi dating site profiles, so ask and check them out!