Bisexual Basics that You Need to Know if You're Still Bi-Curious

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Bisexual Basics that You Need to Know if You're Still Bi-Curious

In general, people have a heterosexual orientation. Some people have different sex tendencies. Bisexual orientation is one example. Here is information about what is bisexual and what follows!

What Is Bisexual?

Bisexuals are people who have sexual attraction towards two different sexes and can occur at once. In other words, bisexual people are people who have a heterosexual and homosexual orientation. Bisexuals can occur in both men and women.

The stages of being bisexual

1. The first stage where people who have bisexual potential are still confused about the truth of their sexual orientation.

2. The second stage is the stage where a potential bisexual person starts to realize the truth about themselves and begins to search for and understand information about bisexual reality.

3. The third stage is where someone already recognizes themselves as bisexual. At this stage, most people can accept their identity and not care too much about the views of others.

4. The fourth stage is usually the stage where doubts arise again. For someone who has long or had a relationship with the opposite sex will certainly feel hesitant when he is also attracted to the same sex. Is it true that he is bisexual or is he a homosexual? A bisexual who can pass this stage will certainly not feel any doubt in starting a relationship.

How to know a bisexual?

How can we know whether someone or our partner is bisexual or not? Here are the characteristics.

1. Having a strong attraction towards one sex, but on the other hand, also has an attraction for both.

2. Having two types of relationships. Bisexuals can relate to the opposite sex and same-sex fellow. Sometimes heterosexual men are in a relationship with a woman and at the same time are attracted to a man, and vice versa with a bisexual woman.

3. Feel comfortable having a romantic relationship with people who come from both different sexes.

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